Durational Performance

#NEVERNOTWORKING campaign supports #FemmeAgenda initiative of the Miami Workers Center to end feminization of poverty by standing in solidarity with domestic and service workers in the United States.

#NEVERNOTWORKING, a project presented by the Miami Girls Foundation includes the Red Aprons created by Ekaterina Juskowski, standing as a symbol of Feminist Solidarity and invites spectators to assess their privilege by evaluating the concept of “Never Not Working” in the context of workplace exploitation through wage theft, pay equity issues, and, in particular, the trafficking of individuals brought to the United States as part of the B1 domestic service workers visa program. The booth for the Miami Girls Foundation will be stocked with the #NeverNotWorking aprons as well as attendants wearing the aprons and explaining the initiative. 

In addition, the Foundation has invited 100 individuals from the Miami community to commit 30 minutes of labor during the fair by participating in a performance that will take place in Lummus Park, at the entrance of the Untitled Art fair pavilion. The individuals will volunteer their labor by hanging white sheets on clotheslines, continually doing and undoing their labor and by doing so, bringing attention to undocumented and/or underpaid laborers throughout the Miami Area. The symbolic connection will be to the repetitive never-ending nature of the domestic work, which never moves forward or evolves. 

This program is presented by Untitled Art, Miami Beach exhibitor Miami Girls Foundation (Booth A47).