Changing Room


Changing Room is an installation and performance presented by Girls’ Club featuring dancer/choreographer Jenny Larsson in collaboration with visual artists Lucinda Linderman, Michelle Weinberg and Natalie Zlamalova.

Inspired by the compulsive "impersonation" required in today's selfie-obsessed environment, Changing Room addresses the pressures on women to attract and/or repel based on their appearance. The performance addresses the uninhibited, unregulated self vs. the promoted, branded public self.

Artworks/garments by the three visual artists will live in the booth on a rack. During the performance, and Larsson will animate the clothing in the booth's "closet" and beyond. Viewers will be able to observe her movement within the closet via a live feed from the closet's security camera. When she emerges, she will move throughout the space of the Fair, dressing and un-dressing in each of the looks created by the collaborating artists. Performances will start in the booth, B21, and will continue to roam throughout the fair pavilion and will culminate on the beach in the twilight.

Lucinda Linderman will create a garment for Larsson out of reclaimed, post-consumer material that references ocean debris and other environmental issues. Natalie Zlamalova will create a twinkling, blinking garment that can be seen at night outdoors, addressing visibility/invisibility of the female presence. Michelle Weinberg will create a strip tease collection based on disruptive pattern camouflage and body tattoo.

Location: Girls' Club (Booth B21).