Jamie Felton - She is a Snake, I am the Snake


She is a Snake, I am the Snake is a dance choreographed by Alexsa Durrans involving Jamie Felton, Valerie Braaten, and Gracie Winston and inspired by the paintings of artist, Jamie Felton. The dance will begin everyday at Horton Gallery’s booth at five in the afternoon and will end on the shore of the beach, visible from the fair’s guest terraces, at sundown. 

Durrans uses Felton’s paintings as a source for story-telling and movement, questioning how a choreographed hand gesture can be related to a gesture on a painting. This choreography confronts the myth of a women, presenting a feminine act, a spiritual act, a witchy act. Their lyrical swirls will entangle bodies, mirroring each other, creating symbols through patterned sequences.


She is a Snake, I am the Snake is curated by Krysta Eder and presented by Horton Gallery (New York).