Trenton Doyle Hancock at Locust Projects

Meet the Artist: Miami Art Week Reception

Locust Projects is pleased to present I Made a Mound City in Miami Dade County, artist Trenton Doyle Hancock’s first large-scale solo exhibition since his major survey, “Mind of the Mound: Critical Mass,” at MASS MoCA in March 2019. 

Supplementing his religious upbringing with comic books and Greek mythology, at the age of 10, Hancock conceived Torpedo Boy—the artist’s alter ego / superhero. Ultimately birthing his own creation myth—as played out through paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, and installation—Hancock tells the story of the Mounds (gentle hybrid plantlike creatures) protected by Torpedo Boy and their enemies, the Vegans (mutants who consume tofu and spill Mound blood every chance they get). This narrative and truly unique body of visual art explore issues of authority, race, class, moral relativism, politics and religion, and good and evil, while making unapologetic nods to comic books, illustrations, animations, horror films, and toys.

Exhibition on view from November 16, 2019 to February 08, 2020.

Locust Projects | 3852 N Miami Avenue, Miami |