WEBSTR stool

AMLgMATD, presented in collaboration with EXILE Books

AMLgMATD is a collaborative design studio, based in Miami and established by Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova in 2014. AMLgMATD experiments in works of art, design objects and environments that reflect a love for unusual and overlooked materials. Inspired by patterns and colors mirrored in the everyday world, they look at their surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes and redefine it with a bit of wit and humor. 


AMLgMATD’s latest design, The WEBSTR stool, focuses on the application of a familiar material onto a new form, and an unexplored material into a familiar setting. The WEBSTR Stool is made of classic materials that bring back nostalgic memories of days gone by. Imagine grandma's utilitarian lawn chair transformed for today's contemporary lifestyle.


The WEBSTR stool will be presented throughout the fair and is composed of multiple seating elements arranged in a tropical kaleidoscope of color, patterns and vintage textures that, for generations, South Beach has been historically known for.